Architectural Design

NAB provides comprehensive architectural services to the client, and covers all fields of design with programs such as housing complexes, commercial towers, hotels, residences, shopping malls, and more. Studying site location & taking into account building codes for the region is required work at any architectural design firm, to ensure professional work and efficient designs. Our architectural design department aims to create and carry out the latest architectural designs in multiple programs and design opportunities made available, and enhance those designs with state-of-the-art building materials. This constant push and work towards a further goal makes us the perfect choice for all your architectural needs.

Engineering Design

NAB was successfully able to make visible progress during the past several years in the provision of engineering and structure, which are departments that are highly qualified under the bureau's umbrella. Working as a team, the structural and architectural departments fulfill all requirements of architectural design and construction and provide excellent construction services with high degrees of comfort and safety. Teams also work alongside the mechanical and electrical departments, plumbing, and fire safety to provide for all kinds of villas and buildings, residential complexes, and high rise buildings.

Structural Design

Our dedicated team designs structural systems to suit the different types of projects, and tend to work according to the architectural designs without any obstructions or errors in the aesthetic of the project. We believe structural design should be harmonious and a poetical design system.

Landscape Design

Landscape design and landscaping is imperative to all aspects of architecture, and provides many uses such as aesthetics, passive cooling and shading, environmental awareness, and more. We provide landscape designs and tend to work alongside the building design to beautify the surrounding areas of the project.

Interior Design

Our latest addition to the team includes members of out interior design department. We provide services according to the taste and spacial ideas of the client with a simple intellectual conversation, where the client explains their needs and the interior designer responds, providing design ideas and interior views and visualizations. Access to modern materials, furniture from abroad, constant new and current issues of Italian and European furniture and interior catalogs allows us to really meet the client's needs and provide them with the ultimate experience.